Haskell Rules

A development version of the Glasgow Haskell Compiler has been installed on Intel’s Manycore Testing Lab to support people testing multicore Haskell code.

The Intel Manycore Testing Lab provides access to 32-core development environments to test the scalability of your code.

Haskell Intel Concurrent Collections (Haskell CnC) has also been installed at the lab. As you may or may not know CnC is a new library that captures a particular model of parallel computation. Specifically, CnC is used for graph-like computations that share immutable data in tables.

Essentially it aims to make it easier for domain experts to create parallel programs without having to become experts at parallel programming.

The Manycore Testing Lab supports the academic community and permits users to develop and publish courseware that takes advantage of manycore processing. So with Glasgow Haskell Compiler and Haskell CnC it’s a great way to gain hands-on multicore experience. Access is available through remote log in.

Machines in this category are hard to come by so it’s a great opportunity. They stress the scaling capabilities of Glasgow Haskell Compiler runtime so it can be tested to its considerable potential. And as we all know Haskell is great for multicore programming.

You can get a free account by simply going to the lab’s website and following the link.

We’ve mentioned the Intel Manycore Testing Lab in previous posts relating to the Intel Threading Challenge which also provided access to the lab. The lab makes sure the code scales well and some of the participants have found the opportunity to experiment sufficient reason for engaging in the challenge.

Now with Glasgow Haskell Compiler and Haskell CnC ready to run in the lab I’m betting it’s going to attract a lot more people.


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