Have your say and join Intel for an exclusive Black Belt event

Would you like to meet up with Asaf Shelly, while enjoying free food and drinks? Asaf is one of the elite members of the Intel Software Network Black Belt Developers.  He’s a bit of a leader in the Parallel Programming Community and describes himself as preferring to create new boxes to think in, rather than thinking out of the box.

Asaf will be one of the guest speakers at an exclusive Intel Black Belt Christmas networking event to be held in London on the 5th December and in Munich on the 9th December.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss topics of your choice with renowned experts in the field and to get answers to those gritty problems that may have been disturbing you, or gain insight into a tricky threading problem.

As mentioned, it is an exclusive, albeit informal event, and if you want to receive an invitation, Intel only has ten to give away. That’s because the offer comes with free travel and a nice free hotel to kick back in – five places for London and five places for Munich (depending on whether you live in the UK or Germany).

All you’ve got to do is make some contributions to Intel’s special forum about Intel Advanced Vector Extensions (Intel AVX), a new 256 bit instruction set extension to SSE, designed for applications that are floating point intensive. Intel AVX is an important component within the new Sandy Bridge processor family that is set to be released in early 2011.

A dedicated German and UK discussion thread has been set up so you can post your wisdom, questions, criticisms, explorations or anything else that you think is relevant. All you need to do to win the invitation is contribute to the thread as much as possible.

If that’s not enough encouragement, the organisers are also giving away a £20 voucher for Amazon, to the first ten to participate on the thread. Mmm, seems like that might be good enough reason alone.

Building on the legacy of Intel SSE4 and Intel 64 instruction set architecture (ISA), Intel AVX provides the infrastructure and building blocks for delivering the performance required for applications such as financial analysis, media content creation, the natural resource industry, and high performance computing.

Intel AVX will introduce an instruction set extension to enable flexibility in the programming environment, efficient coding with vector and scalar data sets, and power-efficient performance across wide, and narrow vector data processing.

It’s definitely worth exploring the potential and it does no harm to post some threads on your thoughts. As usual terms and conditions apply. Good luck.

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