Win a comarketing programme for your software in Intel’s video optimisation competition

It’s hard to believe that Youtube only launched about five years ago, so far-reaching has its influence been. Fast broadband has enabled people to consume video almost as easily as text and graphics, and there’s an insatiable appetite for fresh content, whether it’s educational or comical. Offline, video can play an important role in storytelling as part of a game or other narrative experience, and can also play a key role in training. When I needed to rapidly learn Dreamweaver recently, I didn’t read a book. I watched a package of video tutorials.

If you’re building software that involves video processing, now would be the perfect time to optimise it using the free Intel Media Software Development Kit. That’s because Intel is running a competition that has prizes including the publication of your video on the Intel Software Network and the Intel Youtube channel (with 14,600 subscribers and counting). The grand prize is a co-marketing programme including a web TV show interview and a professionally written success story about your application. There are three grand prizes up for grabs, 15 video distribution prizes, and four monthly prizes of netbooks to win too.

The Intel Media Software Development Kit provides a single API for optimal video encoding and decoding across a wide range of Intel hardware platforms. Using a single standardised interface and optimised media libraries, you can encode or decode video on today’s Intel HD Graphics and upcoming 2nd generation of Intel Core processors, as well as future and past generations of Intel processors. Where there is no hardware acceleration available, software fallback is provided for optimal video processing.

The end result is that it’s easier to develop optimised software, because there’s just one API to target and no need to write different code for different platforms. The Intel Media SDK also enables you to take advantage of the hardware acceleration offered by future Intel chips without rewriting your program code.

You can download the Intel Media Software Development Kit for free here. To enter the competition, you need to create a short video testimonial about your experience optimising video using it. You can find out how to submit your video, and read the full terms and conditions here. The competition closes at the end of March, so you’ve got plenty of time to explore the API and articulate your thoughts on camera. Action!

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