Intel opens its app store up to MeeGo

MeeGo developers are now invited to submit apps to the Intel AppUp developer program, the channel through which software reaches the network of app stores powered by the Intel AppUp Center. Following the announcement at Mobile World Congress yesterday, developers can now submit netbook and tablet apps based on MeeGo for inclusion in app stores.

This is a great opportunity for developers who want to be at the cutting edge of a new platform. The Intel AppUp Center client for MeeGo, which is used to download and run apps bought in the store, is in alpha and available for testing only. But early inclusion in the store is likely to deliver competitive advantage to the first app developers, who will benefit disproportionately from launch promotions.

Intel is also encouraging early development by rewarding the first 100 apps to be validated for the Intel AppUp developer program with $500. The 10 best apps will also get $1,000. The closing date is 29 April 2011, and you can find out more here.

There are more resources about developing for MeeGo here.

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