Planning ahead for Droidcon

Droidcon logoLast year, I attended Droidcon in London for the first time. It gave me a great insight into the Android community, and the developers who make it up. There were some great talks there, covering topics such as reskinning apps for different brands and languages (the solution is to plan this from the start, and avoid hard-coding any on-screen statements into the code that displays them), driving in-app revenues (which are mostly driven by status and social features), and there were plenty of demos of hot new devices, including 3D phones and Android tablets. The exhibition and more formal presentations programme brought people together, but there was a lot of value in the opportunity to chat informally with developers about the challenges they face. It’s always good to talk to people who face the same challenges you do.

Next Tuesday and Wednesday, Droidcon takes place in Berlin. I can’t make this one, but if you’re going, there’s a presentation that covers how an iOS app for cancer researchers was ported to Android quickly using open source, a project undertaken by SAP and Intel. There are lots of developers who have apps they want to port to Android, so I’m sure there will be some valuable insight along the way.

The Berlin Droidcon is a great opportunity to catch up on the latest Android news and views, and a great stepping stone to the next UK one, which takes place in October. These are the only two confirmed dates for Droidcon in Europe this year, although there is an Amsterdam event yet to be confirmed. Will you be going to any of these?

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