Intel smartphone outperforms market leaders in benchmark tests

If you were fortunate enough to have attended this year’s Mobile World Congress you may have had the chance to test one of Intel’s pre-release smartphone models. The devices, courtesy of Orange, featured Intel’s Medfield platform.  According to Intel’s Chief Operating Officer Brian Krzanich Intel’s manufacturing output is very well suited to the “fragmented mobile market” and they’re optimistic about regaining ground lost to other devices.

Intel’s first handset to hit the European market is on the horizon. Will it however be likely to stand-up to the immense pressure from other already established favourites such as the iPhone?

The market is awash with smartphones that claim to offer new and exciting features. What’s becoming increasingly clear is that users are dubious of this familiar claim. If a smartphone is to dominate in the same way the iPhone currently does then it’s going to have to offer something exceptional.  Shallow marketing strategies seem to have replaced exceptionality in many instances – ‘giveaway’ flat-screen televisions or video games consoles often becoming the deal maker rather than the phone itself.

There are some well know benchmarks that are used by smartphone connoisseurs. BrowserMark for example measures a phone’s browser performance. Another, Vellamo, measures numerous variables including rendering speed, scrolling speed, and pixel blending. The Verge has reported that bloggers from Germany tested the upcoming smartphone which: “outperformed the iPhone 4S in BrowserMark and bested both the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II LTE in Vellamo.” And they weren’t the only ones, Slashgear found similar results, Intel’s phone scored 89,180 in BrowserMark while Apple iPhone 4s scored 87,801.

These are very exciting times for Intel. Having already nailed down the PC processor market, their room for manoeuvre and economy of scope makes them a force to be reckoned with. They’ve already started to create noise around the concept of ‘virtual cable television’ – this, combined with other innovations such as the Medfield-based phone, is bolstering Intel’s position in the tech industry. As Krzanich stated in an interview with Reuters, Intel’s manufacturing offers “Speed and agility. That’s exactly what the PC business and exactly what the phone business will need.”

What do you think makes one phone stand above the rest?

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